About the Boxcar

It's the only one in the village!

The red boxcar that houses Boxcar Studio is from the early 1900's. It's also the home of the first "Spit and Whittle Club" meeting. Todd Brown, our neighbor tells of the club's beginnings:

" We had the first Spit & Whittle Club meeting in the old box car. Years ago, it had been pushed by a bulldozer 2 miles up the Galisteo River from Waldo. Four of us enjoyed an hour of sharing stories and it did not fail - when telling stories we all remembered the incidents differently. We all saw things from different perspectives. The teller always said his piece about the tale and what had happened. We laughed and had a great time."

Many people have lived in the boxcar...it's rumored that Ramblin' Jack Elliott stayed in it! Now it's a haven for me to create my work, read, and listen to music. My husband is a brewer so there's also beer on tap at our little cantina attached to the boxcar!