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These images are some of the first I ever made after beginning to study Photography. They are the results of my examination of composition, subject matter and the technical aspects of Photography. I learned so much from just going out on a sunny day and photographing the ordinary happenings of my life. My experiences in Photography have led me to conclude that stories are an important part of the photographic process. There are so many types of stories in these images...stories about the people and places encompassed in them and stories about the process of capturing the images.

Many of my first photographic escapades are represented by these images. Some of my fellow photography students and I would invade abandoned buildings to capture the historic evidence left behind and the quality of light that only an abandoned building can produce. I traveled to New York to photograph people on the street. I had to acquire a certain amount of courage to ask permission to photograph these people that I perceived to be so different from me. I found that they weren't different at all. One Fall I hung out behind the Pensacola Civic Center to photograph the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Baily Circus. I ended up going out to a night club with some of the performers and being allowed on the Circus Train. (I wasn't allowed to photograph on the train because the clowns were not in makeup.) I also participated in a Southern Alabama road trip with an 80 year old retired Marine Colnel. We were in search of the Moustache Lady. We found her, freshly shaven, watching Oprah on a black and white TV in the general store she owned. Great stories and great fun!

My experiences making photographs do not assure the success of my images, but they have contributed greatly to my curiosity about the world and my desire to understand it.